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A powerful tool to electronically access your funds
 Safe to use anytime, anywhere you see the VISA logo
 Use it as an electronic check or as an ATM card
 Earn points Every Time You Use Your  Debit Card
 And No Waiting - Get Your Card On The Spot!

Travel and Merchandise Awards

Redeem your points for a gift card to use for whatever you want at over 70 top retailers, gas stations, 24 major restaurants, airfare to anywhere, rental cars, hotels, and more. Every time you use your debit card*, you'll earn points that can be redeemed online or by phone.

*Basic accrual rules

Point Earnings:

 You earn 1 point for every $2.00 spent when you sign for purchases (NON-PIN) using your Visa consumer debit card.

Point Expiration:

 Your points are good for 60 months. If your points are not used within this time they will expire.

Maximum Points Allowed:

 There are no maximum point accumulations on your program.

Log onto Extra Awards to see complete details of awards

If your card is ever lost or stolen call 888-297-3416 immediately.

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