Helping North Carolina Residents Avoid Phone Scams


Phone Scammers Can Strike At Any Time

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always scam season. Scammers don’t stop looking for ways to get your information. One of their new ways to do that is to pretend to be your financial institution and use a phone number that is one number off from your real financial institution’s number. This has recently happened to members at other financial institutions. Members were called by a phone number one number different, and they were able to obtain information because the number on the caller ID looks almost identical to your financial institution so their guard was likely down during the call.

Don't Let Phone Scams Happen To You

If you’re not vigilant, this scam can easily happen to you. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be your financial institution, the first thing you should check is the caller ID and make sure it is actually their correct number. You could also ignore the call and then call your financial institution using a trusted phone number from their website. Another thing you can do is hang up and physically go into your local branch. Speaking to someone in person is a surefire way to know that they’re not a scammer.

If you do believe you have been a victim of fraud, inform your local branch and law enforcement as soon as possible and report it to the IRS.


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