In partnership with Access Softek Advisory Services, LLC, and DriveWealth LLC, Telco is excited to help simplify the investment process for our members who utilize our Online Banking and Mobile App.

Investing can be overwhelming, but now our members have an approachable solution with EasyVest! EasyVest offers an investment option for anyone interested in building wealth but unsure how to get started.

EasyVest is designed to make investing simple and accessible. For as little as $200, members can create a profile and start investing in just a few minutes. EasyVest offers the convenience of a digital advisor with customized strategies based on your goals. You can set up your profile in minutes and after answering a few basic questions the platform will tailor an investment strategy to help you achieve your goals. 


How Does it Work?

EasyVest builds portfolios specifically tailored to each investor's goals and circumstances.

During account set-up, EasyVest gathers information about the investor's age, income, net worth, investment experience, risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals.

Next, EasyVest instantly builds a diversified portfolio for the investor, usually consisting of lower-cost Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) selected by a team of investment professionals. The investor has a chance to confirm their portfolio goals, review the recommended investments, and fund their new investment account in one easy step, by transferring from their existing savings or checking accounts.

You can easily access your accounts by logging in to Telco's Online Mobile Banking where you can track the progress, adjust or add contributions, and continue working towards new goals. There's no need to manually adjust investments: portfolios are rebalanced appropriately by a sophisticated algorithm. Over time, as investment allocations grow and shrink, EasyVest makes the necessary adjustments to keep the portfolio in line with your investment goals. 

Preview of Investment Set-Up

preview of what the screen shows when you start the investment process.