Friends and Family

$50 for you and $50 for them*

Hey Telco Members... Refer your friends and family and you could each earn up to $50!*

Complete the form below and send it to a friend or family member who isn’t currently a member of Telco Community Credit Union. You will both receive a $25 reward* once the new member opens a checking account & receives direct deposit.** You’ll both receive an additional $25 reward if the new member applies for & receives a Telco loan!***

Fill out the information below and click "send" to email your friends or family a referral to Telco Community Credit Union.

When you send the email, you will automatically receive a copy.

Note: All fields are required. The information you enter will not be sold to a third party or used to send unsolicited mail or emails.

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*Person referring Friends and Family must be a Telco member in good standing.  The Friends and Family you are referring applies to new member accounts only. All parties must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the Referral Program. Telco employees, volunteers, and Board members are not eligible for Referral Program. Terms and conditions may apply. Limited time only.

**Direct Deposit must process within 60 days of account opening with a minimum of $50 per pay period in order to receive a $25 reward. Reward will be credited to the savings account of each member approximately 60 days after new account is opened. Accounts must be open and in good standing at time of payout to receive reward.

***To qualify for $25 Loan reward, referred member must apply for and receive a Telco consumer loan within 120 days of account opening.

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